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The Beasts of Catch22

SatERGday, February 22nd, 2020 a few Catch22 paddlers raced at Beasts from the East in Boston, Massachusetts.

A Saturday filled with erging? Yes, please!

With Men's and Women's 500m and 250m races along with a team 500m race, Catch22 embraced the challenge.

The East coast brought it this past weekend and we couldn't be prouder of both ourselves and the #EastCoastBeastCoast community.

A huge thank you to Ohana New England Dragonboat team for the competition and company. Always so great seeing and making friends and growing the #dragonboat community.

One of Catch22 newest paddlers, Sara, raced in her first indoor regatta this weekend. Making a strong mark for her first time on a paddle C2:

"This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first BFTE regatta in Boston. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but walking into the the event site I noticed how excited and encouraging everyone was. Once the regatta started, I realized how beast most of these men and women are. I wasn’t fully aware of how intense a 500 meter sprint was until I started my first race. My first experience resulted in my legs turning to jelly and my face becoming tomato red #legdrive. Beyond that, I’m honestly amazed at everyone who participated and completely crushed it. It was exhausting, but an incredibly fun experience spent with my teammates."