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New heights for Catch22 at the USDBF Club Crew National Championships

Away races are a team effort. From booking accommodations and car rentals to transporting paddles and buying last minute CO2 canisters after a few were removed while in transit(?), Catch22 had all hands on deck to try to make a weekend of surprises run as smoothly as possible.

A few weeks before the race, GWN sent the following regarding the Colorado Springs International Dragon Boat Festival & USDBF Club Crew National Championships venue:

With flights and accommodations booked, all we could do was continue training hard in anticipation of racing in the coming weeks. With less than a week before the race a new venue was selected.

Off to Colorado we went!

In true Catch22 spirit we raced hard. Racing hard isn't just what we leave on the water. What we bring on the boat is the result of all the constantly moving components in each day leading up to that moment at the start line. Racing as a team includes preparing family meals together (even if the chef is sassy and wants you out of the kitchen), making sure that your bench-mate is there for warm-up, and providing O2 when the altitude makes it hard to breathe.

With our eyes on France, Catch22 raced for a bid. Placing 2nd overall, Catch22 is a contender for a 10-person bid at the World Club Crew Championships next year in France.

An appropriate time to jump for joy.