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Catch22 does Catalina Crossing = Catchalina Crossing

A few months ago a bunch of paddlers proposed paddling Catalina Crossing on a Kayakpro Dragon Boat Ergometer. This eventually blossomed into a team event involving 5 kayakpros, 5 teams of 3 paddlers, 2 newborn kittens, a table of snacks, a terrible music selection, and many, at times difficult and cranky, hours of memories.

On a day we dubbed Cinco De Ergo, Catch22 set up shop in a special place in Chinatown - 5 ergs set to 60,000 meters and the air conditioners set on High. Catchalina Crossing had commenced.

Teams Little Warrior, Plan B, Catchalinas + Justin, Breast, and Fast Space Cats paddled their hearts out, competitively and strategically, to the finish line. The day began and ended with smiles; what happened in between may have involved some yelling at the DJ and cuddles with kittens.

The event transpired in true Catch22 fashion - competitive and fun.

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