• catch22nycdb

C22 in the 6ix!

"To my NYC crew, my TO crew, my Houston crew..."

Thank you ALL for an amazing weekend racing in one of Catch22's favorite dragon boat festivals of the year! The memories will always be cherished and the friendships we formed are priceless. Catch22 was overwhelmed with support from the dragon boat community, our families and friends. Our experience at the 2016 ‪Toronto International Dragonboat Race Festival (TIDBRF‬) is truly special to us, making our visit to the 6ix an unforgettable one!

We would also like to give a special shoutout to FTMP, Boston 1, Seadogs, Houston Heat and the TIDBRF for providing us with great photos and footage throughout the weekend. We can't thank "y'all" enough!

Catch22 is only half-way through the season so don't be shy if you want to check us out! No previous paddling experience is necessary. Feel free to reach us via FaceBook, Instagram @Catch22NYCDB, or email us at Catch22NYCDB@gmail.com, for more information!

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